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Consult Your Doctor For any Medical Prognosis about Hemorrhoids problems.

Technically a hemorrhoid is an enlarged or swollen vein down below. These are similar to varicose veins except that hemorrhoids are located in the anus. What makes hemorrhoids uncomfortable is that they are created by the body to cushion and protect the anal canal. This protection has a side affect that can cause pain in a lot of people. When these swollen veins are put under pressure of the body whilst sitting they can tear or burst thus causing a burning sensation.

It is a very common medical problem in both men and women and generally appear in people above 30 years of age. It can be estimated that about 0.14% of the population develop this symptom. In a population of about 100000 people , 14000 would be showing this trouble. Of these about 10-20% would require surgery to remove them.

They can be caused by prolonged sitting, during pregnancy for women and people who sit for prolonged times during the day can develop them.

Hemorrhoids come in two varieties and they are either internal or external to the body. The internal ones are located higher up in the anus canal and not as painful as the external ones. In either case bleeding is the result of them being ruptured under pressure.

Hemorrhoids have a bright red color when they bleed. The bright red is the result of the the closeness of the blood to the main artery that flows by.

External hemorrhoids are those that can be uncomfortable and has a tendency to itch. If you experience an external hemorrhoid rupture then you will see bright red blood. There is nothing to be alarmed about the blood. You will not bleed to death or need immediate medical attention. But, seeing a doctor is probably wise and best move.

There are ways to relieve hemorrhoid discomfort.   It is suggested that you sit in a tub of warm water along with a hemorrhoid solution for fifteen minutes several times a day.  You can purchase these hemorrhoid preparations at a chemist.

Why do some people get them whilst a lot don’t. There could be many reasons but the most common one that can cause such symptoms to occur is the diet a person is on. Future articles will address hemorrhoids in more details.

So, the best you can do for any hemorrhoids symptoms is to don’t sit for prolonged time. Move you body, do some walking. Eat good foods that are full of necessary nutrients. Stay away from the 3 whites – salt, sugar, flout – all these are necessary but in organic form and not processed rubbish that is packaged.

As always, consult your doctor if your hemorrhoids symptoms get worse and become really uncomfortable.

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