Guides for People with Psoriasis

Psoriasis has been with us for thousands of years and is a disease that has a wide range of effects. The word itself has a root from ancient Greek language. Its basic meaning is related to “itching”. “Psora” from Greek to mean itch and “iasis” to mean condition. They say it is not contagious but I stay to differ.

It affects the skin and nail and will show itself as patches abnormal skin/nail. In itself is an eyesore. It is not a good sight and I wish you all the best cures to get rid of your psoriasis.

In it’s natural state it can be characterized as pink/red, itchy, and very scaly. These read patches can be localized to small areas or it could be as big as a persons back and cover vast areas.

There are several types of psoriasis but the main one makes up about 90% of all cases and tends to be most common on the shins, back of the forearms and top of the head and the belly region. Symptoms tend to heighten during the cold months. Even certain medications and stress can aggravate it.

Western medicine states that there is no cure for psoriasis but there is nothing stopping one from trying out eastern herbal mixes. We are at a time period where diseases and cures are just being rediscovered. So much of ancient wisdom and knowledge is within old books and manuscripts yet to be translated and shared with the rest of the humanity.

The internet era has paved the way for faster communication. What used to be a doctors secret or herb magic 20 years or more can now be relayed to millions of people right around the world. With careful research and investigation there is no reason not to uncover these forgotten secrets. We just need to encourage search engines to give us the right data.

Most diseases are a result of a poor immune system. Bad health paves way for many diseases. If you have a disease then your first task is to visit a doctor but at the same time you should be helping your body heal through proper foods. The food chart is enough to discover so many beneficial natural foods that basically do their magic in a silent way.

Proper and real food is a persons natural medicine cabinet. Consume foods that grows and one that has not been altered in a factory preparation. Prepare these in a most natural way to consume, so that they will pass their nourishment and their beneficial enzymes, vitamins and minerals on to you.

We live in a fast paced world where lots of natural foods have been adulterated and mixed with additives that do more harm than the combined benefit to the consumer. We need to consume food that the farmer grows and present in it’s most natural state without any modification of what so ever.

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